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Over the years, our company AGGREYBUTTONS has built a flexible corporate mission statement and we have a sound management practices, coupled with substantive investments in Human Resources, Brands strategy, New media and mobile application (our most valuable asset).






A brand is synonymous with the image of the company it stands for [young and hip, traditional or reserved?


A brand is made up of all the messages your business communicates from your advertising to your customer.


A brand is nothing if it doesn’t stand for something and offer some kind of promise to customers


Our administrative department, sales and marketing, customer services are highly trained and skilled; with this skilled team in place, your company is poised to deliver on her corporate mission statement. At AGGREYBUTTONS “We are committed to drive, brand and lead YOUR COMPANY by adding value to her services, whilst maintaining our tradition of offering powerful branding and innovative products to your market audience” As we all know communication is the only means by which we are able to create awareness, develop interest and cause customers to act.

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When it comes to communication, is not just advertising, creating website, mounting billboards or doing sales promotion but is about how YOUR COMPANY is able to design a communication message that will communicate effectively with its target audience. Contracting an advertising agency for a company’s promotional activities is one thing that can either increase sales or tarnish the total image that YOUR COMPANY you have built all these years. Let Us position you the right way.



Whether it's on-location, in-studio, or editing of your existing footage - we'll work with you to create a professional production. That accentuates your business and your products. We provide a full range of pre-production, production and post-production services - complete detail > We've produced live action broadcast commercials, 2D-3D Animation for your product and services as well as corporate, instructional, educational and promotional pieces.


Brand Strategy

We all know that big agencies have experience, but if this experience cannot be translated into delivery good brands strategy, then there is a big question mark, because of these and other reasons we at AGGREYBUTTONS have come with our innovative communications tools or Brands communication and strategy to move YOUR COMPANY from a commodity market into brand markets.


Corporate branding

D you know that your company Cooperate image is the first (or only) impression you get to make with customers or prospects. So, it's worthwhile to make it a positive one. We have years of experience creating tailor-made product and service catalogs and a host of collateral materials that reinforce your business image and promote your products.


Project Management

AggreyButtons has appeared in many newspapers in Ghana, Nigeria and the USA, because of our awesome project management delivery .We meet with you to develop an understanding of your business and objectives - and then recommend a point of entry that is commensurate with your goals. We blend marketing, understanding technical experience to create custom solutions that work for each client.


Mobile App development

As the next generation of technology prepares to take center stage, individuals and organizations across the world will achieve unprecedented levels of freedom and mobility. Significant advances in Mobile technology and mobile connectivity are rapidly extending the traditional enterprise beyond the desktop. We combine the skills and resources we have to develop engaging mobile and pocket device applications and content to actively engage companies involved in the emerging interactive marketplace.


The level of knowledge needed to successfully manage your business is vast and challenging, as we all know communication is the only means by which we are able to create awareness, develop interest and cause customers to act. At AGGREYBUTTONS our high caliber Team, Associate and Consultants work with clients on a flexible basis and therefore at an affordable cost. They have both financial and commercial acumen and can help steer a company on a strategic course for great business performance and ensure that that performance turns into a great financial return.


We have over 7 years experience in mobile application design and production. Our state-of-the-art techniques and well skilled developers are ready to develop the very best application for your company. When the completed job goes to the online {native or web], we're there every step of the way to ensure quality output. We believe in delivering high-impact and dynamic designs, professionally crafted with visual production with engaging sound design makes a lasting impression. We've produced and launch several mobile applications.



They've made a deep personnel commitment to develop a well tailor-made design. our dynamic team are servant leaders that understands quality work. Our foundation of this knowledge.


We at AGGREYBUTTONS get the job done. We're reliable, and we keep to our promises. If circumstances arise that prevent us from delivering at the time needed, we manage expectations up front, and we do our best to make the situation right. We don't make excuses, but focus on finding solutions.


We do our very best to exhibit qualities such as honesty and integrity. We do our very best to keep our words. We never compromise our values with design and development, and will do the right thing, even when it means taking a harder road. More than this, we are humble.


We hold ourselves accountable at all time, our thoughts, words and actions. Even when under pressure. We understanding that Accountability is the foundation of every business.


Our Creative Direction entails interpreting a client's communications strategy and then developing proposed creative approaches and treatments that align with that strategy. 1. We develop and create a brand image for you/ business 2. We develop business plan / Project proposal for your business 3. Develop advanced business profile 4. We create and develop content management/ E-COMMERCE Website for your business. 5. We create and set up your Social media pages 6. Develop brands direction / Road map for your business product and services.


abraham Aggreybuttons

A Leader, a Thinker and a Creative Mind.  He’s consistently creating awareness on Leadership and dealing with the need for entrepreneurship and How to increase entrepreneurial activity amongst the youth, the revolution aims at establishing entrepreneurship-oriented groups in every tertiary, professional, technical and vocational institution in Africa

nana pokou
NANA POKOU OFEI - Head. Business Strategy

He provides business strategy and business development for the company and for existing young entrepreneurs. An accomplished entrepreneur, dynamic in Business management , A  professional consultant and Net-worker


luicc Aggrey
PRINCESSA AGGREY -Managing Partner

When it comes to marketing, is the ability to listen, plan and act. Mrs Aggrey has shown these abilities for the past 10 years now in the marketing industry. She’s a creator, a top team player. For the past 15 years she has being training student-based group teaching them marketing, creative and innovative designs.


ebube Ebisike
GEORGE E. EBISIKE Head. Brand Strategy

He was the create mind that established The Entrepreneur Revolution –  NIGERIA SOLAR-EAGLES, which was established by Him and other projects within the Aggreybuttons portfolio. A team player and a Proven track record in brands development.   


A Person skilled in Product Management, Negotiation, Management, Strategic Planning, and Business Intelligence, strong entrepreneurship skills and experience spanning 15+ years in language services, Human Resource and, Business Development and Corporate Strategy, Intelligence Capacity building program and facilitation, marketing and customer service.

VICTOR ONOFOMI -Project Director

A dynamic salesman advantage and a Business Intelligence Agent [BIA[ with a 360 visibility. Breaking boundaries and engaging different civilizations in different destinations. He gained a lot of insight in top management decision making, intelligence gathering and business development.



Aggreybuttons to me is poetry "If beauty did be statement, they said the best of it". i just LOVE them... I speak to them in the evening and at morning time the next day, they send a link and you just go WOW. They just know how to make you look beautiful.
Adowa Ofei
Aggreybutton has this gracefulness about them. They are experienced and ready to listen at any given time; the customer service department just makes you feel fresh with warm voice.
Teddy Oguntayo
Aggrebutton has been my go-to company when i need the best design for a launch of a new product. They are great team players; they just meet you half way with solutions that best suits you.
Mary White


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